Nine Star Feng Shui

?Feng Shui is using all of our available knowledge to create the most comfortable and supportive living and working environments.?

His Holiness the late Grandmaster Lin Yun

Nine Star Feng Shui Approach

Every individual has their own hopes and dreams that they wish to achieve, as well as their own issues and problems that they would like to solve or overcome. Nine Star Feng Shui works with clients to help them to manifest the change that they wish see in their lives, by means of highly individualized adjustments to the client?s space.

This service is provided by Nine Star Feng Shui’s owner/operator Stephanie Surach.

What is Feng Shui?

Symbol for Feng Shui: wind water
Symbol for Feng Shui: wind water

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system concerned with harmonizing people with their surrounding environments.

Public figures, large companies, and small businesses use it to make themselves more successful, enhance their relationships, and overall live more balanced lives.

Feng Shui is more than arranging the objects in the home. Through mundane and transcendental adjustments, it improves the natural energy, or ?chi,? of an environment by adjusting it?s flow within that environment.

Our spaces are reflections of our conscious and subconscious minds. By putting our chi in balance with the chi of our space, we are able to manifest positive change in specific aspects of our lives.

Feng Shui not only establishes a greater connectedness to our home or workspace, but also to ourselves and our heart-minds. By making changes to our space, we are setting the intention to bring about a transformation in our lives.

Nine Star Feng Shui Tradition

Nine Star Feng Shui is rooted in Professor Lin Yun?s ?Black Sect? (BTB) tradition of Feng Shui. Unlike other Feng Shui schools, BTB looks at the flow of chi into and throughout the interior of a home or space, rather than at basing it on direction or the location of the home. Because many of us live in homes, apartments, and offices, that cannot be physically moved, the BTB tradition is particularly well-suited for Westerners.

“Nine Star” refers to the Nine Star Path, with each star representing a different aspect and stage of our lives. Based on the five elements, the Nine Stars also reveal characteristics within ourselves and how we interact with the world at large as well as on our individual paths.