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Stephanie Surach Nine Star Feng Shui
photo by Ranjan Ray

Stephanie Surach is a BTB Feng Shui Advanced Practitioner based in Jersey City, New Jersey. She became fascinated by Taoism and other non-Western cultural and philosophical perspectives as a teenager, which inspired her to study Anthropology and Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.

In 2011, Stephanie began her study of Feng Shui through the BTB Master’s Training Program under Masters Barry Gordon and Steven Post, the author of ?The Modern Book of Feng Shui.?

Stephanie is constantly deepening her knowledge of Feng Shui and the practices surrounding it, such as Buddhism, Taoism, Tantra, meditation, and Shamanism. She is also deeply interested in world religions, neuroscience, metaphyics, aromatherapy, astrology, and mythology, to name a few ? all of which serve to inform her Feng Shui practice.

Stephanie’s Approach

Stephanie prides her practice on building a relationship with her clients, gaining a true understanding of what they wish to accomplish, and offering solutions with kindness and compassion. Once informed about who you are, what your story is, and what your goals are, Stephanie offers adjustments to your space in a way that will bring about change for you in the most positive way.

Though her practices are rooted primarily in Eastern tradition, Stephanie respects other religious and philosophical modes of thought and works with her clients to provide energy adjustments that are tailored to, and respectful of, each individual client.


If you are interested in a Feng Shui consultation with Stephanie, feel free to email her at stephanie@ninestarfengshui.com.

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